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Comments on equality & justice.... by Edward Kennedy & like minded individuals

June 28, 2015

Position Taken by Mendal Slack, Beth Bradley and Sharleen Van Woezik

The position taken by Mendal Slack, Beth Bradley and Sharleen Van Woezik is contrary to scripture!

I have already found by the actions of the above that refusal to even consider and address my position is a tacit admission of guilt, that they are unable to refute my position not only on legal grounds, but also on moral grounds. I believe the church hierarchy of the Free Methodist church and the Roman Catholic church of which they are members, is uncaring/complicit. This is strange as I have utilized the Matthew 18 model for addressing such disputes and nobody seems at all interested. I guess they have embraced the old "I refuse to be confused by the facts" mode, which is not surprising, as refusal to engage is not only tacit admission they have no defence for theft of a man's wages, but is fraudulent. I am convinced they ALL knew what was going on and did nothing. "He who knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to them it is sin." So much for walking the walk, eh Mendal, Beth, and Sharleen?

Let us go into a SMALL part of the condemnation of what they are doing by scriptural references.

Money and greed are addressed all through the entire Bible. Greed cannot be a part your life if you are a believer. It is true that "if you do not live it, you do not believe it. In the church that the targets of my observations were raised, and the actual "official" church of the Kennedy clan, with some exceptions, I have found cheats, adulterers, liars, manipulators, LOVERS OF MAMMON, HYPOCRITES, SWINDLERS AND THIEVES, PEOPLE RULED BY SELFISHNESS AND GREED, etc. This of course is true of many religious organizations and secular entities, but to have seen this not only in a traditional church but in one's own relatives who victimized their own as well as others, is nauseating and disgusting, the more so when such people are hypocrites. I could see and accept this in honest criminals not hiding behind religion but cannot in this case allow those who profess Christianity to sweep their sins against others under the rug and continue on their make believe, feel good fuzzy trip through life.

As to religions, I have contacted church leaders in both the Roman Catholic faith that Sharleen Van Woezik embraces as well as the head of the Free Methodist church that Mendal Slack attends, and to which Beth Bradley is affiliated, to no avail. They are disinterested in injustices their members impose on others, choosing to ignore and deny instead of facing their responsibilities. This of course is no different tact than the people I am confronting utilized with me, refusing to answer my concerns last year, addressed and sent registered to them by mail. All chose to return unopened the correspondence, except two who I expect forwarded same to the others who read the 21 page missive, and decided it had them cold and that ignoring to face the issue/problem was the best way to evade having to share the monies, some of which were stolen from me. How does one spell greed, selfishness, conspiracy, cowardice.

Some will ask why I did not go to court and the answer is that I thought at least some of the recipients of the stolen and misdirected monies controlled by the wayward and unjust hand of Doris Kennedy, would see the injustice and make things right. I was quite embarrassed that they all refused, choosing instead not only to refuse to address the issue but to avoid having to do so. They all have shown the world who and what they are, and that indeed they have something evil to hide. Had they cause to deny and discredit my information and claims, they would have done so, as all I asked was a consideration to address the gross injustices, lies, broken promises, and criminal theft. They might realize that this is not going away and will probably escalate but that is their fault for ignoring/rejected the counsel given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 18.

So why did I not go to court? The biggest reason was that I was asked not to by a close relative who saw the injustice, but did not want to see things erupt as they would have. This individual calls the money, "dirty money." The second reason was that I thought the people involved were honest, being good Free Methodist and Roman Catholic members, active in their churches, and would do the right thing, all having knowledge of what was going on in the "family." Swallowing my pride, I had to face the people who told me that religion of the offenders would make no difference to them in being greedy, sneaky, dishonest, and even criminal. I should have known better.

Thinking they would accept the instruction of Jesus in Matthew 18, verses 15-17, I sent my "missive" delineating my position. They were/are either wilfully or honestly ignorant of such a recipe for reconciliation, or are rebelling/disobeying that instruction from no less than Jesus Christ. Perhaps they have decided Jesus is not as omniscient as they, or more likely that they love mammon more than God, but whatever the case, they are at the least cowards for not even reading or rather in their sneaky way, trying to make me and others think they have not read my missive which presents an airtight and fact proven position of strength on my part. Parts of it are included here paraphrased.

More disappointingly, it seems even the church leaders are ignorant or refuse their function once again from the directives of Jesus Christ but I am not surprised. The present church/religions are apostate, corrupt, and themselves too cowardly to proclaim the Truth, instead issuing "commandments of men" according to their own corrupt ways. They are also in many cases lovers of mammon like more than a few of their adherents/members. Case in point is this specific scenario.

The reason I am publicizing this is because they refuse to connect and address, and this way I am sure they will read it and/or others who know them well will tell them what I am saying herein. I am unilaterally following the instruction in Matthew indicated with no cooperation from any of the targets nor their religious leaders.

So let us look at other ways they have denied the faith by listing verses that categorically condemn their treachery, subterfuge and dishonesty.

1 Corinthians 6:10 - "nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

Proverbs 15:27 - "Whoever is greedy for unjust gain troubles his own household, but he who hates bribes will live."

Titus 1:7 - "For an overseer (Elder of the church), as God's steward, must be above reproach. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain." (how does this go over with your positions in the church?)

Ephesians 4:18-19 - "They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart. They have become callous and have given themselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity."

Matthew 23:25 - "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and the plate, but inside are full of greed and self-indulgence."

Many people look great on the outside, active in their churches, and playing the role, talking the talk but not walking the walk! James 5:1, 4 - "Come now, you rich, weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you. Behold, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, are crying out against you, and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts."

If you have ever been cheated by someone because of greed, God will avenge you, if not in this temporal existence, then in the afterlife. I did not think that any of the ones who cheated me, including Doris, and these others, would forsake their beliefs for their greed, selfishness and love of the damned dollar.

There are many other verses I could quote such as "The worker is worthy of his hire." So am I not worthy of remuneration promised me by word and deed over five decades? Was it a ploy and lie from the first when Percy would take time to take me around the farm and instruct me on its operation after he and Doris were gone? WELL HOW DO I KNOW THIS FOR SURE?

I have a copy of the will he made and which the people in question are well aware of. This is leading to much worse conduct on their part I will expose later.

f) In the event my said sister Doris predeceases me or survives me but dies within a period of thirty (30) days of the date of my death:

i) to transfer to my nephew EDWARD KENNEDY, provided he survives me thirty (30) days, all my real property, farm, machinery, cattle and sheep, and

ii) to divide the residue of my estate into as many equal shares as are necessary to provide one equal share for each of the following nieces and nephews alive at my death and to pay or transfer such shares accordingly, namely MARGARET, BETH, HEATHER, SHARLEEN, RONALD, GILLIS, AND MENDELL.

There can be no doubt that this pre-decession clause, common in all wills, made it clear to all including Doris that Percy recognized my labours over 55 and a half years were of substantive application that contributed to the estate, qualified me to receive proper recompense as promised. His error was in believing his sister Doris was honest, religious (she was religious for sure but that does not mean she was not a hypocrite) and being aware herself of my cumulative years of hard work there, would carry out this wish to keep his word intact.

A year before Doris deceased, I became aware of her dishonesty, malice, and betrayal of both me and her brother Percy, and broke off all contact with her due to my blunt bearing and "telling it like it is" attitude. To have visited her after I became aware of her malicious bent, dishonest character, betrayal, theft and criminality, would have resulted in my being open about what I and others saw/see, and upsetting her greatly. Further reliable information made me sure she was untrustworthy, conniving and dishonest to the point I know I would have confronted her on the facts of her emotional abuse heaped on my father, fraud she committed against another close relative, and the hypocrisy she had lived much of her later years.

At a point shortly before her demise, she asked Sharleen for a lawyer, but was refused on the basis of tests that indicated she was not of sound mind. I am thinking she told Sharleen, but Sharleen refuses to answer that question for me for reasons I can only project. Those Slacks complicit in this fraud against me, are guilty of participating in the scheme to defraud me, or are perhaps like their own mother, "bystanders" when questionable and dishonest, when even criminal planned events will benefit them. I am sure Doris was lucid enough to feel guilty about what she had perpetrated on me, and perhaps her past sins and cruel emotional abuse imposed on my father that she transferred on me after my father died. I despised her. This is not to mention her betrayal and even perhaps lies told her brother when she refused to distribute monies after Percy died he wanted done, and refusing to honor the promise and agreement made by Percy to a close relative involving his inheritance of Percy's truck after he deceased. Percy had signed the registration and told his benefactor when he died, to take possession of that document and transfer it to himself. Strange, or is it, that the registration was NOT in the place he had told his benefactor it would be and Doris sold that truck to another, taking possession of the monies from that criminal act. Disgusting, even damned disgusting. I am SURE Percy told Doris everything and certainly on this issue, as he did the individual swindled by Doris. That person visited Doris after the fact of Percy's demise, and is certain by the scope and content of her questions and deceptive manoevers that she knew of the agreement, yet she declined to honor her brothers directives in this matter.

So why would Doris do this. Why would she also sell the machinery, when it was a violation of past practice/tradition where father after father gave their farm to their beneficiary in a turnkey condition as my grandfather did to Percy. hmmm I will get to that soon enough!

As to the emotional abuse imposed on my father, I will address this later, and will say now that my mother, still living and in total control of her senses, was aware of this a long time ago.

Everything has a cause, and while i am disgusted and embarrassed by Doris's actions I classify as dishonest and even criminal, I wondered about how she came to be this way. I am not excusing her criminality, deceptions, dishonesty and hypocrisy, but there was a direct cause of her dysfunctionalism, cruelty, inner anger and maliciousness. I will address that now.

Doris Kennedy, Imposed Manipulation and Control

It is well known that when my grandfather, the father of Doris and her siblings, made it known that he was going to marry Gladys Ball, grandpa Kennedy's siblings all expressed their disagreement and pleaded with him to not do so. There were reasons for this that have manifested in the lives of their children, and in all of them including my father though Percy and Doris were prime examples of the dysfunctionalism that plagued the family.

Eleanor, her sister, acquired a job in Kingston when she was a mature girl and Doris herself expressed an interest in following her example. This of course did not go over well with her mother, who was already miffed at Eleanor acquiring off the farm work. To head off this independence in Doris, Gladys Ball threatened her with abandonment if she left the farm. Doris backed down.

Doris also had suitors and I read a card from one of them after she deceased, which after a flowery verse was written, "I still love you" and a first name attached to that affectionate phrase. It was apparent and in my speaking to her one day on the matter of her past lost opportunities for marriage , her demeanor turned sad when I told her I was aware she had been proposed to and could have married and had a family. The reason she did not was because of her controlling mother who never let her go and whose manipulative demeanor manifested to me through the decades of my life, young and old, up until the decease of Gladys Ball, whose cumulative actions clearly defined her in my mind as proof of her serious dysfunctional and sociopathic character.

Gladys Ball exuded some horrid traits...stinginess, rage when she did not get her way, uncharitable conduct towards some of her relatives and others, manipulation and control, selfishness, and an insistence that her way was the only way things should be done. All of these to a greater or lesser extent manifested in her children to their detriment.

I am still having to fight the reputation of Percy of being cheap and outright dishonest. and my confronting him years ago as well as telling Doris how it was, certainly caused me to be rejected by her though they did not mind my labors applied to their beneficience. I recall one day I was summoned to the farm to help a sheep shearer do the sheep. Percy had informed me the week before he had a fellow coming from some distance and had made a deal with him. On my arrival that day, I went to the barn to find them arguing over the amount to be paid. Percy, had tried to take advantage of the fellow who had driven a long distance and now used that in attempting to lever the fellow to take a lesser amount than agreed to by phone the week earlier. I was very irritated by this display of stinginess, manipulation, and even theft and decided if Percy would not pay the agreed upon rate decided the week previous, I would make up the difference. It all came down to the shearer telling Percy that regardless of the wasted time and gas coming all the way, there would be no sheep shearing that day unless he made good on his word. That ended it and Percy relented. My taking the side of the shearer did not go over well with Percy, but I guess he was taught that relatives must back each other, preferring and defending even wrong doing in relatives over anything/anyone, no matter how devious their intent and how upstanding their unfortunate targets were. I do know some exceptions he made for there were some related individuals he neither liked nor trusted.

It was also a stupid habit for not only Percy but also my own father to jump from meat cutters, insurance providers, etc over a few pennies in the rate. I always chose to find an honest individual to deal with and over the years, develop a good working and understanding working relationship with ONE person in my insurance needs, among other things and well benefitted from those relationships. That was not their way though, and it caused them more grief and financial loss than gain.

I was as a boy working at the farm, appalled at the demeanor I saw and fits of anger towards innocent animals, especially pigs. He once tried to make me nose pierce the pigs right into the semi solid part of the nasal base instead of the fleshy part. I would always draw back to catch the fleshy part which angered him to such an extent that he would yell at me, criticize me, and then try to do the whole thing himself which he failed to do. It is not easy to hold the moving head of a pig with a nose loop stick still, and ring them at the same time.

My biggest confrontation with him and Doris was the event of the death of my grandfather who I spent time with in between the excessive work I did as a boy there. I am told by my mother that the arrangement was for me as a boy to spend time at the farm to be with my grandfather. The "Cole Lake gang", seeing opportunity to not having to pay someone to do work a 9 year old could do, found me in the field driving horses, mowing back hay, weeding the garden, helping with the milking, building fences, scything fencerow hay around fields and forking it out where the machinery could reach it. I was treated like a slave, and expected to do things a boy should not be expected to do especially when the agreement was I was there to be with and spend time with my grandfather. How does one spell liars?

I have many memories of the years I spent there up to age 16 where I found summer employment with people who believed the worker was worthy of his hire and treated me much better than the "Cole Lake gang" However, I have many memories of conversations, I was not supposed to hear, and things I was not supposed to see. Nobody would have thought I had my own diaries, a memory that many are astounded at. However, emotional incidents are never forgotten as well as traumatic ones. There were more than a few in my memory banks.

One of those was grandma ranting and raving, threatening to scratch the eyes out of someone whose name I do not recall. Another was of her screaming that "Eleanor gets everything because she is named after El." That of course was a reference to my grandfather's sister in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, one of the ones who had tried to dissuade her brother, my grandpa, from marrying Gladys Ball. In hindsight it was indeed good counsel! That statement grandma made was in fact relative to the earthly possessions of great Aunt El. There was a lot of skullduggery in the outcome of that situation and I believe eleanor Slack was the victim. But I digress.

The confrontaion that hammered both Doris and Percy came at my discovery several years after my grandfather had deceased, that no gravestone had been erected and I chastised them both for being disrespectful to their father. I threatened to by one myself and erect it but they rejected that based on their spoken fears of what I would have engraved on the front of it. They were stingy, even damned stingy, and such ingrates to a man that had worked hard and then given his total possessions to them. At the death of Eleanor, I found that someone had made one, a small short block of concrete with grandpa's name on it, barely legible. I expect it was Percy, but I am not being critical of that as he did make an effort which is what matters.

I am going to continue with names placed as sub headings focusing on the three Slacks, their deceased sister Heather(who I thought was the best of that bunch), Reid Slack and his wife Eleanor, Charles Ball, and a few other people in this mix. I will mention the betrayal of the Slacks returning evil for good against me as the son of their benefactors, (my parents) the hurt and emotional abuse my father was dealt by Doris, and the names of other benefactors of the Slacks who received assistance but are not good enough to walk the walk according to their professed religious beliefs.

I will differentiate between the good, the bad and the ugly by name and the events which led to the fraud and theft, imposed by Doris and enabled by the people in receipt of the monies. I even have a theory backed by the words of Doris to me, the actions of the Slacks, and what I see as participatorial planning to defraud me. Doris did tell me more than enough that in synergistic combination with the actions of the Slacks, indicated to me that what I and others see as a criminal act was planned, perpetrated and committed.

The least I will get is exposure of the participants so like in many cases I see, they will not be bale to play the game unopposed. The next section will not be pretty but unlike lies, defamatory comments, projections and other tripe I have suffered, my info will be based on over 55 years of actual occurrences and events.

Yours for truth,

Edward Kennedy

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