another enemy
First... click this link and read this. THE REAL ENEMY IDENTIFIED!

Then, if you decide to enter my site... know that this site may be the most politically incorrect site ever. So DO NOT ENTER unless you are okay with world, national, state and provincial leaders being slammed, and referred to as fascists, liars, bigots and criminals. I have proof for ALL the adjectives I use in application to such POCS (pieces of cockroach shit) like the ovomit, turdo, merkel, wynne, mcguinty, etc (See what I mean?)

walk alone

Please DO NOT ENTER if you are a lefturd loonie, the same who voted for a bigot, fascist and liar like turdo, or a damned enemy of freedom and justice like the ovomit Jew hater, racist and POCS. That is unless you are willing to be educated as to the moral bankrupty of your religion, dialectic secular humanism, better known as political correctness, the NO VALUE, VALUE SYSTEM.

Please DO NOT ENTER if you are a government employee, especially in management, because I have lists of such people who I can prove are useless maggots/leeches who I will publicize in the right circumstances. This is NOT to take away from the ones who actually work for a living.

Please DO NOT ENTER if you are looking for trouble, because I play by the same rules any opponent sets, and as to death threats, get in line. I am not fazed by cowardly girly men without the courage to identify themselves as I have, and it will save me the trouble, time and expense to determine your identity.

If you believe that criminals should not be criticized after they die, do not come here. I do lots of that to relatives who are liars, cheats, fraud artists, thieves, cowards and religious hypocrites, using actual names and addresses. Ditto for the religious leaders of the day and the affiliated churches they oversee as "blind leaders of the blind."

Please DO NOT ENTER if you are an enemy of freedom and justice, a communist, or a lefturd academic. I hate anyone in those categories, as they are the real enemy in cooperation with the liars and whores of the main stream media muttheads.

I will say what I say, when I want to say it, and with no exceptions. If you try to deny me that right, you will come up against it.